During the Coronavirus Pandemic our children could not all continue attending nursery and so we provided them with things to do at home.

Our home school projects were designed for parents and their child to bring stories alive through art, craft, and science activities.

All the activities were inspired by a book or story.

Reading to young children has been found to be related to language growth, emergent literacy and reading achievement! It’s also a lovely bonding moment for you and your child. Get  comfy, snuggle in close and enjoy a book together. Have fun!

Each activity book bag included:

  • Hard copy of a story
  • Link to YouTube related story
  • Creative /science activity linked to story.
  • Resources for activity
  • Mathematical element.
  • Recycled element.

enormous turnip book activity pack

Zog activity bag

Truck Activity sheet

Star Activity sheet

Chicken Activity sheet

Cat activity bag

Octopus activity sheet

Magic Porridge Pot activity bag

Aliens activity sheet 2’s     design your own underpants- 2’s

The Three Billy Goats Gruff activity bag