Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five is one of only five maintained Nursery Schools Liverpool.
Chatham Nursery School was originally called Chatham Place Nursery School and was situated in Chatham Place near Overbury Street L7. It was built during the Second World War and offered places for the children of mothers who were working in the ammunitions factory, supporting the war effort. The nursery building was intended to be a temporary structure but it is still standing today.
In 2008 Chatham Place Nursery School relocated to Picton Childrens and Medical Centre and became Chatham Nursery School . It became part of a hard federation with St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School and  Picton Children’s Centre
In 2013 Chatham Nursery School took over what was the Picton Sure Start nursery and so Chatham Nursery School became a Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five Provision.