Chatham Nursery School has a focus on play, outdoor activity and the holistic development of the child. The nursery is a unique resource for local families with the focus being on delivering play-based age-appropriate education to children at a crucial stage of development.

Our staff are skilful, highly trained practitioners, who are knowledgeable about how children learn and about child development and care.

We are staffed to accommodate an intake of 60 children aged 3-4 years, 33 children aged 2-3 years  at each session.

We accept children both 2-3 funded, 15 hour and 30 hour places, depending on eligibility. Our private child care facility is open 8am -4.00pm

We work closely together as an integrated team with staff from St Hugh’s Primary School and Picton and Kensington Childrens Centre, ensuring all our families get the best possible outcomes for their children.