Andrea Connearn – Head Teacher of the Federation of St Hugh’s Catholic Primary school, Chatham Nursery School, Picton & Kensington Children’s Centres

Sara Atkinson-Nursery Teacher

Carla Bentley-Nursery Practitioner

Lacie Brack-Nursery Practitioner

Chris Brennan-Nursery Practitioner

N’taya Cleverly-Apprentice- Childcare

Jenny Clough-Language Lead

Amy Collins-Nursery Practitioner

Hayley Groves-Nursery Practitioner

Becca Higgins- Acting Deputy Manager-Childcare

Julie Howard-Nursery Practitioner

Sue Jeffery- Manager-Childcare

Mal Kronenburg-Early Years Specialist

Jackie Lynch -Cook-Absolute Catering

Sueha Nasr – Nursery Practitioner

Julie Marshall – Assistant Head Teacher

Pat Metcalfe-Receptionist for the Federation

Melissa Mills-Nursery Practitioner

Les Nicholson-Nursery Practitioner

Angela Pagan-SENco -Nursery School

Kerry Palmeri-Nursery Practitioner

Lauren Pettitt-Nursery Practitioner

Rachel Rodick-Acting Manager-SENco- Childcare

Karen Sonmez-Admin Officer

Gill Williamson-Receptionist for the Federation

Vicky Willis-Nursery Practitioner

Charlotte Wright-Nursery Practitioner