Our Daily Routine

Our daily routine provides a flexible framework within which your child will feel safe and secure. Through the daily routine there are many opportunities to solve problems and become creative learners.

The routine allows your child to play with friends, play quietly on their own and be with the whole group. The best outcomes for children’s learning occur when the day is a mixture of child initiated play, actively supported by adults and more focused learning through adult led activities, with adults guiding the learning through playful activities to teach specific knowledge and skills.

Child Initiated Play within Continuous Provision

Play is decided upon by your child’s own motivation and provides many opportunities to extend their learning. Adults are available to support your child in their choices.

This can include making observations of their play, playing alongside them, introducing new words, adding new ideas, posing problems, responding to conflicts in a positive way and helping your child remain focused on their play.

Adult – led activities

These are activities which adults will plan for the children. They are playful activities which will engage the children. Adults will work with your child within a small group of children focusing on activities which are based on their observations of your child’s needs and interests during child initiated play. Adults are responsible for supporting all areas of learning and development and some small groups will be based on the settings planning. Materials and resources used in these sessions are then fed into the continuous provision for the children to repeat and consolidate their learning. As well as working with small groups of children, adult led activities include other parts of the daily routine such as greeting time; singing and story sessions they think children might benefit from.

Continuous Provision

Both indoors and outdoors are available to all the children every day and consists of a full range of activity areas including, 

water play, sand, dough, mark making, blocks, construction sets, role play, paint, books and many physical challenges.

The areas of provision are located in the same place every day and all are clearly labelled to enable your child to make informed choices, develop confidence, independence, and encourage them to take care of their nursery and to build on their previous learning.


Enhancements are additional experiences and resources that supplement continuous provision and may include interactive displays, outings and visitors to the nursery. Enhancement of provision can also be the result of the adult’s observations of your child needs and interests during child initiated play. Resources can be added to the provision while the children are involved in play or planned for later on. Resources used to support small group time activities can also be added to enhance provision. Conversations with parents and families about your child at their home can also lead to enlivening the provision and make it meaningful for the child.

See the Learning & Development Policy (in Policies & Documents) for further details.

Curriculum Map 2020-21

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