Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five

Off Site Policy

Children must be kept safe while on outings, and providers must obtain written parental permission for children to take part in outings. Providers must assess the risks or hazards which may arise for the children, and must identify the steps to be taken to remove, minimise and manage those risks and hazards. The assessment must include consideration of adult to child ratios. The risk assessment does not necessarily need to be in writing; this is for providers to judge’. (Statutory Framework for the EYFS)

EVC Co-ordinator -Mrs. Julie Marshall -Assistant Head Teacher

We believe that visits and outings play an important in enriching children’s life experiences. Chatham Nursery School minibus offers the children unique opportunities to travel in small groups to local places of interest. Each visit is fully risk assessed and all minibus drivers have the MIDAS qualification. We also believe in the value of whole school community trips which are planned at the end of the autumn and summer terms. During such events, the safety of children remains paramount. Information pertinent to whole school or large group offsite visits will be uploaded onto Liverpool School Improvement system Evolve

Aim of the policy: 

To minimize the hazards associated with undertaking an outing with the children by ensuring:

  • Parental consent is needed for all off site visits and outings. (Consent forms are within starter pack). Parents/carers have the absolute right to withhold consent for a proposed visit or outing. Any child without consent will not participate.
  • Only children attending the nursery are able to attend offsite visits
  • Ratio for nursery outings vary dependent on the age of the child the needs of the child and the nature of the activity. Adult child ratio will always be within or exceeding statutory requirements.
  • Staff and Leadership team must agree ratios for each child and be very clear about this prior to outings.
  • All outings should be child centred and Leadership team informed and consulted prior to every visit outside the setting.
  • Staff will visit the proposed destination in advance and a thorough risk assessment will be undertaken. Were applicable nursery will contact the venue for a copy of their risk assessment. We will ensure that all children will be able to access the activities.
  • We will discuss with the proprietor any particular safety issues i.e. emergency evacuation procedures and whether a fire drill will be held on the day of the visit.
  • Outings and risk assessment forms must be signed by the Leadership team prior to taking the children out of the building.
  • The risk assessment will be sent to the Local Authority Educational Visit Co-ordinator by the designated person in the School if needed.

Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five Off Site Policy

  • We will provide parents/carers with details of the trip and will carry childs full contact details and necessary information on each child’s medical dietary needs. 
  • We will ensure that we have obtained written consent to seek medical treatment or advice in the event of any emergency when on the outing.
  • A list of names, addresses, contact numbers of all persons on trip to be left at nursery and a duplicate list taken on the trip.
  • We will be responsible for checking the suitability of vehicles being used and whether they meet the current legislation; whether appropriate insurance is in place and drivers are licensed to drive the particular vehicles.
  • Staff drivers: The Leadership team to ensure that there is a current MOT certificate and that insurance is for business use, and that the driver has a current driving licence.
  • We will ensure that staff and parents / carers understand the Missing Child Policy and how this will be implemented. We will designate a “meeting place” for any groups that become unattached and ensure that all groups have access to a mobile telephone and are aware of the telephone numbers of other group leaders.
  • One member of staff at least most hold a current First Aid qualification and take responsibility for the First Aid kit to be taken on the outing.
  • One staff member at least trained to administer medicine
  • Head counts to be taken at regular intervals during the day.
  • All children to wear a school trip badge
  • Lead staff member to inform nursery if there is a delay i.e. vehicle breakdown or problems on the motorway. The Leadership team are then to inform parents / carers.

Important information will be given in writing to parents and staff regarding the trip. This will include information and guidance around:

Health and Safety 

  • Seat belts
  • Hand washing
  • Supervision of children
  • Consumption of food
  • Advice for pregnant woman
  • What to do in the event of an accident/emergency or lost child
  • Contact number in event of emergency
  • Guidance on appropriate footwear clothing and sun protection
  • No smoking policy applies
  • The safe use of apparatus equipment and surfaces

General information for staff 

  • Times and locations of pick-ups drop off
  • Timetable of events for venue if applicable
  • Map of event if applicable
  • Location of toilet and hand washing facilities

Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five Off Site Policy

Checklist for trips: 

  • First Aid kit
  • Medication eg inhalers piriton
  • Ensure mobile phone is charged
  • Spare clothes
  • Camera
  • blue roll, plastic bags, nappies, tissues, wet wipes
  • snack
  • Packed lunches if applicable
  • Sun cream
  • Sleep chart
  • Contact list
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Parent staff information
  • Water
  • School badges

Monitoring and review 

This policy was agreed and implemented on 12th December 2020 and is due for review December 2021