All About Me
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My Picture: {encourage your child to draw a picture of themselves on this page. The image doesn’t need to be perfect or recognisable}






All About Me
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We believe that you are your child’s first teacher. We value your contribution and hope this will be the beginning of a vital partnership between you and our staff during the time your child is with us. The following activity is a way of letting us know some details about your child with his/her active involvement. It will be a starting point for discussions and conversations that staff will have with your child.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the information

If you would like help filling in this form please ask a member of staff

What language does your child speak/understand?
Who lives with your child:
Has your child had any previous nursery or playgroup experience?
What are your child’s favourite toys?
What is your child’s favourite TV program or DVD?
What are you child’s favourite book or story?
What songs does your child like to sing?
Does your child have any fears or dislikes?
Do you have any concerns about your child’s:






Self help skills e.g. toileting, eating

Sleep physical development/mobility

General health